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About Us

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Aria's House ruanas came about out of a wardrobe crisis. There was snow on the ground,  the office thermostat was erratic, and I had a knee injury that required less than professional clothing. Leggings were popular, easy, and comfy, but too revealing most of the time. Wraps and ruanas were trending and everywhere - a perfect option over jeans or leggings, but they were all the same and mass produced. I took some photos in Central Park, NYC, wearing a department store ruana. Imagine: It's a glorious, sunny, January morning, and I am posing for photos next to the iconic Wollman Skating Rink, wearing what looked like an old saddle blanket...I was a frumpy blob in a blanket. I can't have that! You should LOVE what you wear, because it will affect your entire outlook.

Always evolving,​  our niche is a little more defined for 2020/2021 offers traditional paisley pashmina kaftans and ruanas in two lengths, sizing to 4X. They dress up/cover up jeans, leggings, or your favorite skirt that is a little too tight for the office. Easy and elegant, you'll have extra time to stop for coffee on a hectic morning.

This season, we also have luxurious semi-sheer, lightweight, velvet burnout kimonos. Aria has curated unique velvet fabrics, so you can be confident nobody else will be wearing the same. Not just for special occasions; they can take your work day to a night out, or give your jeans a little boho attitude. Toss it in your weekend carry-on and you are covered at the pool too! Open sizing to 3X.

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