• Laura Manson

Happiness is...

Updated: May 25

I just watched a very inspiring video my dear friend (Lisa) posted on FB from Jay Shetty. He was talking about how we spend all of our time working. We shop for clothes to work in, we buy the car to commute, we spend our days in cubicles on the job to pay for a house we only sleep in. One lady commented that it was totally depressing and Jesus is the answer, and that’s okay if it brings you comfort. Everyone needs faith in something bigger than themselves to believe in, but we must first believe in ourselves. What we WANT determines how we live, what we strive to achieve, and how our life affects our entire world. We all have the power to be happy. This life is a gift, and anything short of loving every second of it is a waste.

Get a cup of fresh coffee and take a few minutes.

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