• Laura Manson

Do you have a WHY too?

Updated: May 25

What’s your why? - the latest marketing tool being used by every sales company on the planet, but it is a good question. Why am I doing this? Why have I decided to work for myself? Obviously, I’m not alone in questioning my purpose – I have been one of the sheep all of my life – for too long. My heart hurts when I think of the years I have spent putting in my time, will, creativity, and passion to jobs that didn’t really matter; working so hard for companies that did not appreciate it or care about me; trying to please bosses that were running on the same endless treadmill just ahead of me. That nominal paycheck was insultingly insignificant in comparison to what cost me to get it. I know “there are mouths to feed and bills to pay”; however, how much of your soul must you sacrifice to do that?

Okay – on a lighter note…One of my whys is shopping for work clothes sucks! I hate to shop. Just thinking about traffic and malls makes me anxious and irritable, so I was pretty pleased when I found wraps, shawls, and ruanas being sold everywhere and becoming a little bit trendy. My years of sedentary jobs, sitting at a desk on my big behind left me with bad joints and alarmingly overweight. Covering it all up with a blanket was so easy, but then they became just blankets – the same ones everyone who shops at the Walmart and the Nordstrom Rack had. (My friends teased me regularly about my Linus blankets.) Self-confidence is a beautiful thing, but it is fragile for so many of us. Not only was I simply covering up my insecurities, I was covering up my personality too! I decided to create something pretty, sexy, and absolutely NOT A BLANKET! I love that I’m comfortable, but what is even better is the positive attention from the beautiful colors and patterns, and the little bit of sexy when you get a flash of what’s underneath. ~ Wink~ old school, Hollywood intrigue at its best!

And just because I love this song (and Debbie Harry) - here's a video.


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