• Laura Manson

Summer Festival Kick Off!

I’m just home from the first festival to kick off my summer, and I’m exhausted! I must be only awake from happy adrenaline. The weekend at the Priest Lake Memorial Day Festival was so fun. I reconnected with old friends, made some new ones, nearly sold out, AND landed my ruanas in another retail location. (My goal to have ruanas in a number of stores before winter is looking good!) I am pleased to announce that the Idaho State Park Store at Indian Creek, Priest Lake, Idaho will carry my ruanas. I hope my pashminas will be keeping people cozy around campfires, gracefully covering up swimsuits, and adding a little elegance to many summer nighs!

It is wonderful to be appreciated too. The number one topic of conversation at my booth this weekend was how good it makes you feel to put on something beautiful, soft, and simple over what you already have. The new outfit options a ruana adds to a basic wardrobe is just super cool. It’s so easy! I was thanked over and over. It made me feel like my silly, little idea is going to pan out, and I have contributed something to busy moms and overworked women. Maybe throwing on a ruana over a tank and jeans makes it faster to get out the door in the morning. Perhaps, there is an unexpected coffee incident that could use a cover up. Don’t have time to go home and change before an evening out? Reverse that ruana and slip into some heels - you’ll be gorgeous!

New ideas about options, style, and possibly taking custom orders are just flooding my brain as I get ready for the next festival (Wenatchee River Bluegrass Festival, Chelan County Fairgrounds, June 15 – 17th). I love input and feedback – please feel free to contact me.

~Blessed be~


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