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Burn the top 1/4 of this candle with the intent of clearing anything that could block an open heart—release fear, jealousy, desperation, and low self-esteem. These all work against love and tend to drive others away.

Allow the bottom 3/4 of this candle to inspire positivity, encouraging love, confidence, and physical attraction. Imagine the qualities you admire. Plan the life you would like to have. Practice communicating these things with affirmations to yourself and others. The love you bestow will be returned.


Recite your intention with each lighting. You may use my suggestions on the candle tag, or speak from the heart. These are exercises in focus, so say exactly what you mean.


The essential oils that scent this candle were carefully chosen for their healing properties and blended to smell wonderful.


Frankincense—A strong purifier, used in exorcisms, healing addictions, relieves emotional trauma.
Bergamot—Aids in finding emotional balance and strength.
Black Pepper—Brings clarity, honesty, unblock the mental flow repressing emotions and memories.
Clove—Promotes healing and heightens courage.
Rose—Reduces loneliness & grief, an aphrodisiac, it brings feelings of romance and nesting.
Lavender—Dispels depression, calms and helps control emotions, encourages sleep, peace and love.
Vanilla—Anti-depressant, helps manifest physical love.
Lemon—Enhances physical energy and encourages happiness.
Sandalwood—A sensual and sultry scent, it encourages physical attraction and high spiritual vibrations.

Intent Candle - Love

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep out of reach of small children


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