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As you light the top 1/4 of this candle, imagine burning away negative energy, apathy, and self-doubt; all of those things that feed unhealthy relationships, illness, destructive behavior, bad habits, hexes, and unwanted spirit attention.

The lower 3/4 of this candle fills the void. As the flame flickers to life and burns strong, it replaces adverse and damaging energy with an emphasis on positive strength. You will see clear boundaries, and have the courage to defend them, providing protection.

Recite your intention with each lighting. You may use my suggestions on the candle tag, or speak from the heart. These are exercises in focus, so say exactly what you mean.


The essential oils that scent this candle were carefully chosen for their healing properties and blended to smell wonderful.


White sage—Cleanses negativity from mind and space. Used in the purification of homes.
Balsam Fir—Breaks up negative conditions.
Vertivert—Used in removing hexes, protects against negative energies.
Sea Salt—Laced throughout the candle, an ancient connection to earth, creating and protecting boundaries.


Ginger—Promotes courage and self-confidence, often accompanies love and sex.
Sweet Orange—Turns depression into joy. Increases bioelectrical energy. Good for self-purification
Clove—Also heightens courage, emotional clarity and personal boundaries
Bergamot—Enhances strength an protection. Good for highly emotional situations
Black Pepper—Unblocks the mental flow, repressed emotions and memories.


Intent Candle - Protection

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep out of reach of small children.


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