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As the flame burns the top portion of this candle, slow down and concentrate on letting uncertainty, expectations, and judgment go. Those things block our natural intuition. We over-think and second guess gut instincts to the point that our inner voice is barely a whisper. Guide your life, rather than just letting it happen.


Allow the bottom 3/4 of this candle to enhance your intuitive talents, and let the supporting essential oils fill your senses while you tune in to what you already know. Meditate more often to revitalize contact with third eye


Recite your intention with each lighting. You may use the suggestions on the candle tag, or speak from the heart. These are exercises in focus, so say exactly what you mean.


The essential oils that scent this candle were carefully chosen for their healing properties and blended to smell wonderful.


Frankincense—Reduces stress, promotes higher consciousness, purifies body and soul.
Ginger—Promotes courage and confidence, adds power to intent.
Cinnamon—Helps access the psychic realm,
Orange Sweet—Transforms depression into joy. Good for self purification, and increases bioelectrical energy.
Amethyst—A natural stone of meditation, intuition, and peace. Good for spiritual work.


Lemongrass—Helps with psychic abilities, problem solving, and repels evil.
Bergamot—Enhances balance, and mental stability. Adds protective energy, promotes joy, antidepressant.
Clary Sage—Encourages vivid dreams, links the conscious an subconscious mind .
Lavender—Aids in relaxation to reach a deeper spiritual connection. Connects with the third-eye chakra.

Intent Candle - Psychic Intuition

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep out of reach of small children.


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