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Burn the top ¼ of this candle to release stress, anxiety, depression, and worry—all of those things that keep us awake at night, and deprive our bodies from natural healing time. The bottom 3/4 of this candle is crafted to encourage calm, a quiet mind, peaceful heart, and relaxation. This is a wonderful one to burn during a bath or meditation. 


Recite your intention witheach lighting. You may use the suggestions on the candle tag, or speak from the heart. These are exercises in focus, so say exactly what you mean.


The essential oils that scent this candle were carefully chosen for their healing properties and blended to smell wonderful.



Balsam Fir—Breaks up negative conditions, relieves stress,headaches, and anxiety.

Lavender—Helps dispel depression and aids in controlling emotions. It encourages relaxation and sleep.

Rosemary—Clears the conscious mind and improves memory. It promotes love and happiness.

Eucalyptus—Used in healing and purifying a home of negative energy. It is especially good for those who have been through emotional trauma.



Bergamot—Enhances balance, strength, and protection.

Cypress—Bestows comfort and peace. Good for emotional and traumatic transitions.

Cedar—Grounding and centering. Very earthy, this is a key note in petrichor, the smell after it rains in the forest.

Grapefruit—Always cheerful, it helps to strengthen your spirit. Very uplifting and energizing.

Intent Candle - Stress Relief

  • Never leave lit candles unattended. Keep out of reach of small children.


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