Relax with this hand poured soy wax, scented with essential oils chosen for their properties. 7 oz, hemp wick, will burn for approximately 40 hours.


Bergamot: Increases physical and spiritual energy, and iencourages the flow of money into your life. Enhance balance, strength, protection, good for emotional difficulties


Lavender: Aids in all rituals involving health, love and peace.  Lavender can dispel depression, and helps us control our emotions. 


Clary Sage: Induces euphoria when inhaled for a few moments.  Encourages vivid dreams. Helps one to emotionally detach for better perspective of difficult situations.


Orange: Sweet Orange is ideal for self-purification and for transforming depression into peace or joy.  It will increase bioelectrical energy.

Stress Relief Soy & Essential Oil Candle


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