Chase those winter blues away with this sunny, cheerful soy and essential oil candle. 7oz, hand-poured, hemp wick, Will burn for approximately 40 hours.


Ginger:  Encourages love and sex, promotes courage, confidence, and success on all levels.  Also used to bring money into your life, and adds power to intention.


Bergamot: Increases physical and spiritual energy, and helps increase prosperity. It enhances balance, strength, protection, and is helpful when facing emotional situations.


Lemon: Used to purify your sacred space or home.Lemon can refresh and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Known to be refreshing, energizing, and cleansing. Its bright, fragrant aroma can help ward off mental exhaustion, anxiety, nervousness, and feelings of tension.

Grapefruit: Emotionally, grapefruit essential oil has the ability to balance mood and restore connection to our feelings. It promotes release of anger and resentment.The bright, sunny aroma also benefits those suffering from depression or nervous tension.

Sunshine Soy & Essential Oil Candle


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